Napoleon on Leadership

I was reading through The Minister’s MBA, a book by George Babbles and Michael Zigarelli.  They include a quote from Napoleon Bonaparte, and his words struck me as significant.

Let me write about the significance of his words before I share them with you.  I’ve had opportunity to observe the relationship between pastors and boards, and experienced it myself.  I encourage every pastor and every board member to read Napoleon’s words carefully and take them to heart: “Those who failed to oppose me, who readily agreed with me, accepted all my views, and yielded early to my opinions, were those who did me the most injury and were my worst enemies; because by surrendering to me so early, they encouraged me to go too far.”

Now, I’m not saying that board members should oppose the pastor by default, but neither should they be ‘yes men.’  I’ve seen church leaders go into too much debt, or misuse staff members, while the board numbly goes along.

May I encourage pastors to listen to and work with their boards, and insist that board members voice their opposition to an agenda they cannot fully support.  That’s what I want from my board.

I’d appreciate your comments on this.

God bless,



About David Porter

I am a pastor and teacher, desiring to reunderstand what it means to follow Jesus.
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One Response to Napoleon on Leadership

  1. Diane and Bill jones says:

    This is just a note to you and your wife to say thank you
    We enjoyed meeting you both
    Bill has already had a piece of raisin pie
    X mad will be really well decorated this year
    We are still on the road home
    Chance encounters are usually the best
    Keep safe
    And remember the invitation is open for the parade or any other time you pass our way
    Thanks again
    Bill and Diane

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