A Tale of Three Kings by Gene Edwards: A Review

I’ve often heard reference made to Gene Edwards’ A Tale of Three Kings, but it wasn’t until I found it in a used bookstore recently that I took the opportunity to read it.  It is a classic book, and by my estimation a must read for every Christian who would seek to take a position of leadership, and even more importantly, who serve under someone else in leadership.

Edwards explores the kingships of Saul, David, and Absalom.  Saul is described as a mad king who throws spears in his madness.  The normal human reaction is to grasp the spear and throw it back at the mad thrower.  But David’s response, as outlined by Edwards, is to dodge the spear and leave it behind.

Edward warns us as leaders that there is King Saul in each one of us.  David’s inner Saul was annihilated by the outer Saul.  The thrown spear may pierce our hearts, but if we allow Him to, God can use it to kill our inner Saul.

I’ve had spears thrown at me, and I can identify with the David which Edwards describes.  I pray that my inner Saul has been destroyed in the process.

Edwards puts words into the mouths of one of David’s followers: “David taught me losing, not winning.  Giving, not taking.”  Later, the same follower remarks about authority, “Men who don’t have it talk about it all the time.”

If you haven’t read A Tale of Three Kings, go out immediately and buy a copy and read it!  It will become a valued part of your leadership library.

God bless,



About David Porter

I am a pastor and teacher, desiring to reunderstand what it means to follow Jesus.
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